TouchStone Concrete Designs

Staron by Samsung

A Premium Solid Surface

The internal composition of staron is uniform and non-porous with a luxurious soft texture. It is available in attractive array of colors and is a practical choice for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms. The infinite design possibilities with Staron can produce a variety of creative living spaces.


Non-porous and hygienic

Unlike natural stone surfaces, Staron is non-porous and impervious to moisture, making it highly resistant to bacterial growth. Most pollutants can be easily removed from the surface with soap and water.


Excellent Durability

Staron is made of all-acrylic materials. When compared to laminates or plastics, it excels in strength and long-term durability. It can easily withstand heavy surface use and is impact resistant.


Easy restoration and maintenance

Staron is easy to restore in the event there is a crack or damage to material. Most people, at some point damage the tops of their counters with knives and cookware. Staron solid surface can be easily restored to make your kitchen like new again.